Mailing Address

The right first impression for your business starts with the right address, and what address is better than one in Beverly Hills 90210?  With a virtual office that includes a mailing address, you are able to use our prestigious Executive Suites address as your legal business address and include it on your business cards, website, and marketing materials.

More Than a PO Box

When your clients drop off items for your business, they aren't just going to be greeted with wall of PO boxes–they'll be greeted by our front desk receptionists and directed to our full-service mailroom where they can leave items directly with a member of our staff.  Our mail room attendants can sign for your items (including restricted and certified deliveries if you so choose) and secure them until you arrive or request otherwise.  From there, we offer highly customizable mail management, giving you the freedom to choose exactly when and where you recieve your mail.

The World's Most Exclusive Zip Code

No zip code is more recognizable worldwide than 90210.  With these five numbers on your business card, you will instantly be recognized as part of an exclusive community of high-end, established businesses.


Mail Management

Safe, Secure, and Professional

When deliveries are made to our full-service mailroom, your mail and packages are immediately stored in your company's dedicated box.  During business hours a member of our staff is always present and after hours our mailroom is locked and highly secured. 

In the case of packages and in-person deliveries, items are logged into our internal tracking system for added security.  Items logged into this system will require an authorized signature to be picked up (or an email from a verified address to be forwarded to you).

We know it may not always be most convenient for you to pick up your mail in person here at Global Business Centers, so we also provide you the option of designating another individual to do so, either on a one-time or permanent basis.  Whether its a family member, an employee, or a legal courier, just let us know in advance who will be stopping by and we'll make sure your mail ends up in the right hands.  For your security, we also require that all authorized individuals also provide us with a photo ID.

In Your Possession–Wherever You Are

While many of our members choose to pick up their mail in person, this isn't always convenient (or even possible), particularly with time sensitive matters.  For a small fee plus the cost of postage, our staff can forward items to you using any delivery service and speed–including overnight.

If you'll need your mail forwarded on a regular basis, all you have to do is let us know and we can regularly forward the contents of your mailbox to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

The Next Evolution of Mail Management

In our efforts to best serve our members, we have recently launched GBC PostalCloud, our next-level of mail management designed for the 21st Century businessperson.  GBC PostalCloud is a platform that allows you to instantly view all of your incoming mail items directly from your computer or smartphone after being processed in our mailroom. 

You then have the ability to select specific items of mail to be opened and scanned, forwarded to you, or marked for pickup at a later date.  If you receive a check in the mail, you can also choose to have a member of our staff deposit it at any local bank.

Take mail management to the next level with GBC PostalCloud.