Reception Services

This isn't a call center–our professional team of receptionists are trained on your businesses’ services and needs, and learn your business as you grow with Global Business Centers.  Our receptionists are trained in various fields, such as legal, medical, and real estate, so they can help you callers with basic inquiries and transfer calls to you with confidence.

Our live receptionists will become like another employee of your business, able to answer calls between 8:30am and 5:30pm PST.   After hours, our voicemail to email system will instantly deliver you your messages, so you're always in the loop.

How does it work?

When you receive a call on your new (310) phone number, one of our receptionists will answer the call with your personal greeting and screen it to your preferred discretion.  If the caller needs to speak with you, we will place them on a brief hold and dial you on your specified transfer number(s).  If we're able to contact you, we will explain who is on the other line and give you the opportunity to take the call or have us return to the caller and let them know you are unavailable.

Personalize Your Service

Greeting/unavailable messagE

First impressions are everything, and we want ensure our receptionists provide your callers with the exact impression you want your business to have.  This of course starts with what our receptionists say the moment they pick up the phone, so we allow (and encourage) you to provide us with the specific greeting you would like used.  We also know that you're not always available, so we also allow you to leave a default unavailable message (e.g. unable to reach at this time, in a meeting, etc.) to give your customer the exact impression you want to have.

Business Information

When you set up your virtual office, you are encouraged to provide us with additional information (such as your website, other contact information, etc.) that our receptionists will be able to pass along to your clients.  Some examples include your website, best contact email, or even your tax ID number.  This allows you to focus on your work and only take calls when absolutely necessary.

We will never provide your callers with your personal information that you have not specifically designated for that purpose, so when setting up your virtual office, please be sure to include any public information in that section.


As a business owner, every minute of your time is valuable and the last thing you need is to be stuck on the phone turning down another call from a cable company.  Our receptionists will screen your calls for robocalls and mass sales calls, and provide them with your voicemail.

Every business is different, so if you would like us to use a different level of screening for your calls, please just let us know at the time of setup.

Additional Transfer Numbers

If you business has multiple employees who might be receiving calls, you are able to add additional transfer numbers to your account.  This feature can be used to transfer calls to an employee when asked for by name, or if an employee has a specific focus area that you would like all calls regarding such directed to (e.g. sales, accounting, etc.).  If you want to guarantee that someone in your business answers every call, you can also instruct us to try an additional transfer number if we are unable to reach you on your primary number.

Additional Voicemails

A general company voicemail won't work for every business, especially if you have clients that may be leaving sensitive information.  Just as you can set up additional call transfer lines, you can also set up additional voicemails for different employees and/or departments within your business.


For after hours and weekend calls, we also provide the ability to setup advanced voicemail/transfer trees (ex. "press 1 for...") for your business line.  Our phone system allows you to setup complex trees with the ability to have different options route to multiple voicemails, transfer lines, and pre-recorded messages.

Voicemail/Transfer Trees are not available to select in our online checkout due to their complex nature–to inquire about a tree or to add one to your existing account, please contact our team.