USPS Form 1583 Instructions

We are required by federal regulations to have a USPS Form 1583 on file for any business that will be receiving mail at a Global Business Centers address.  This form also requires that two valid forms of identification are submitted, please see the list below of acceptable forms of ID.

USPS Form 1583 (.pdf)

Form Submission

Global Business Centers provides with you a number of ways to submit this form.  We recommend using NotaryCam, an online notary service we've partnered with.  While NotaryCam does charge a nominal fee, we will refund this to you on your next monthly invoice if you do choose this option.  You can complete this form:

  • Online, through our third-party partner NotaryCam (recommended)
  • In the presence of a Notary Public, then emailed or faxed to us (fax: 310-862-4577)
  • In-person at Global Business Centers

Form Instructions

Box 1 - Date
Enter today's date.

Box 2 - Delivery Name
Enter the primary name mail will be addressed to for your business.

Box 3 - Delivery Address
Enter our address:

468 North Camden Drive #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Box 4 - CMRA Information
Enter our name and address:

Global Business Centers
468 North Camden Drive #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Box 5 - Restricted/Certified Mail Authorization
Sign here if you would like us to be able to accept restricted/certified mail on your behalf.  Some members intentionally leave this blank if they prefer that their restricted/certified mail be delivered to them personally.

Box 6 - Applicant Name
Enter your full name.

Box 7 - Applicant Information
Enter your home address and primary personal phone number.

Box 8 - Forms of Identification
Leave these fields blank for the notary/agent to complete based on the IDs provided.

Box 9 - Business Name
Enter your business name.

Box 10 - Business Address
Enter your previous business address or your home address if no business address was previously used.  Do not put your new Global Business Centers address in this field.

Box 11 - Type of Business
Enter the type of business you are in.

Box 12 - Additional Employees Receiving Personally Addressed Mail
Enter any additional employees who will be receiving mail that is personally addressed to them.  These additional employees will also have to submit two valid forms of identification, and their name will have to be added to your account as an "Additional DBA".  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding how mail sent to our center must be addressed or if you would like to add an Additional DBA.

Box 13 - Business Officer Information
If your business is a registered corporation, enter the names and addresses of every officer.

Box 14 - Business Registration Information
Enter your business name, county, state, and date of registration if registered.

Box 15 - Signature of Notary/Agent
Leave this field blank for the notary/agent to sign.

Box 16 - Your Signature
Sign here once your portion of the form has been complete.

Acceptable Identification


  • Valid driver's license or state non-driver's identification card
  • Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card
  • Passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization
  • Current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • Voter or vehicle registration card
  • Home, vehicle, or health insurance policy


  • Social security cards
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Birth certificates

Please contact us if you are unsure if your form of ID is acceptable.  A photocopy of your identification will be securely retained by GBC for verification purposes.